Painting Tools of the Trade

Not matter how you tackle it there are certain tools you need to be able to do a proper painting job to a reasonable standard. In this 2 part post here are some of those tools and an explanation on how they can be used in the house painting job then click here

Basic materials for painting

Here we show what are the essentials for most utensils are decorative projects. They are sold in drugstores and paintings in different qualities and prices. It is advisable to acquire good quality materials, it will last longer and make the job easier.

Paint brushes

It is desirable to have two or three different sized flat brushes and round brushes for shaping corners and door frames and windows. The bristles must be immersed in water for a few minutes before use to prevent the hairs sticking together. Special brushes to fade, striated and grain are far more expensive, but are not necessary for the projects in this book. The brushes should be synthetic hair and lock up; are not needed more than two. Both brushes and brushes should be washed with soap and water after use.


Scotch tape

Must be paper and not the plastic kind, not to detach the base paint to come off if desired to further reduce its adhesive power because the paint layer is delicate, it can be done by wiping the adhesive side before sticking it to the wall . Should have tapes of various thicknesses

Synthetic sponges

They are inexpensive and very useful both for special finishes to keep clean the work material. We can cut them into pieces to facilitate small stencils. In most cases it will be preferable to break the sponge in half to get a ripped irregular surface to leave a footprint in line with our needs.


The hair roller determines the finish of the paint layer. The long nap roller leaves a slightly grainy, good texture and finish itself, but rather limiting later decorative work. The short nap roller, or unglazed, gives a very smooth finish, ideal for downstream applications sponge or other means. The plaster roller leaves a very rough surface.